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About brings you the very best selection of USA iTunes gift cards, all purchased legally at stores in the USA, before being scanned and sent to customers instantly online when purchased at Jerry Cards.

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With a number of online providers of iTunes and App Store gift cards and gift vouchers, the choice online is vast. Buying from Jerry Cards gives you peace of mind that your purchase is safe and secure(payments are processed through PayPal), and that your cards will arrive instantly as promised. Jerry Cards is one of the web's most trusted providers, with many years of service to customers who return again and again.

Is Jerry Cards a scam?
It's a question that springs to mind instantly with anything for sale on the internet these days. But Jerry Cards is most definitely not a scam. Jerry Cards is a service that actually delivers real scans of real iTunes gift cards, instantly, 24 hours a day, anywhere on the planet, whether you're in the USA or outside the USA. Buy Jerry Cards now and see for yourself.

Why are the prices different?
Jerry Cards are 100% genuine iTunes gift cards, and the team goes to great lengths to purchase real cards from real stores. You should be cautious when choosing seemingly 'cheaper' stores out there, as you could lose the money you used to purchase illegitimate cards and Apple could block your iTunes account / Apple ID immediately if they determine that you've tried to use an illegitimate card.

Did you know that your satisfaction is guaranteed?
If there are any problems with the genuine, legitimate iTunes gift cards sold to you, Jerry Cards will replace the cards and help resolve the problem straight away. Because the gift cards are sent to you instantly, Jerry Cards purchases can't be refunded, but you'll always get the product you paid for, every time.

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If you have any questions, you can contact Jerry Cards by email or via Skype (JerryCards).

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