What To Watch And Play On The US iTunes Store On President’s Day 2017

So Monday the 20th February 2017 will once again be celebrated as President’s Day in the USA, this one particularly important after just electing Donald Trump as the new Commander in Chief.

We all have presidents, no matter where in the world we reside, so why not get in on the act and watch some movies or play some games related to presidents and the power they wield?

Here’s some content available in the US iTunes Store that we think is well worth watching, reading, listening to or playing, so that you are fully entertained:

All the President’s Men (Drama)
American Experience (Documentary)
The American President (Comedy)

TV Seasons
The Presidents 
The Ultimate Guide to the Presidents
Presidents Collection

TV Shows
House of Cards USA Version (All the Seasons)
House of Cards UK Version (Final Cut)

Presidents are people too (Audible)
The Presidents Inbox

iPhone and iPad Apps
President (Card Game)
Battleground, The Election (Games)
President (Simulator Game)

In The Presidents Secret Service – Robert Kessler
The Presidents Shadow – Brad Meltzer
Mr President – Katy Evans

The Broker – John Grisholm
The Presidents Shadow – Brad Meltzer
Transfer of Power – Vince Flynn

This list should keep you well entertained for a while! Binge away :)

If you think there are any titles that we’ve missed, please let us know and we’ll put your name up in lights for helping identify some presidential hopefuls for us all to see.

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