What To Watch And Play On The US iTunes Store On President’s Day 2017

So Monday the 20th February 2017 will once again be celebrated as President’s Day in the USA, this one particularly important after just electing Donald Trump as the new Commander in Chief.

We all have presidents, no matter where in the world we reside, so why not get in on the act and watch some movies or play some games related to presidents and the power they wield?

Here’s some content available in the US iTunes Store that we think is well worth watching, reading, listening to or playing, so that you are fully entertained:

All the President’s Men (Drama)
American Experience (Documentary)
The American President (Comedy)

TV Seasons
The Presidents 
The Ultimate Guide to the Presidents
Presidents Collection

TV Shows
House of Cards USA Version (All the Seasons)
House of Cards UK Version (Final Cut)

Presidents are people too (Audible)
The Presidents Inbox

iPhone and iPad Apps
President (Card Game)
Battleground, The Election (Games)
President (Simulator Game)

In The Presidents Secret Service – Robert Kessler
The Presidents Shadow – Brad Meltzer
Mr President – Katy Evans

The Broker – John Grisholm
The Presidents Shadow – Brad Meltzer
Transfer of Power – Vince Flynn

This list should keep you well entertained for a while! Binge away :)

If you think there are any titles that we’ve missed, please let us know and we’ll put your name up in lights for helping identify some presidential hopefuls for us all to see.

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How to download and play Pokemon Go on iPhone and iOS outside of the USA

How to download Pokemon Go outside the USA, America, South Africa, Japan and more

Everyone you know has already been playing Pokemon Go for ages, right?

They’re catching monsters at PokeStops left, right and centre, doing gym battles and talking about ‘lures’. But while the world’s gone crazy for this mobile augmented reality game, you still can’t download Pokemon Go on your phone because you don’t live in the USA. Maybe you’re in South Africa, Australia, somewhere in Europe or Asia or any other country on Earth that doesn’t yet have Pokemon Go in their native App Store?

Well the good news is that you CAN catch up to the millions of Pokemon pouncers out there – and you don’t have to wait until the official release of the Pokemon Go app in your country’s iTunes or App store.

If you’ve been wondering how to download and play Pokemon Go on your iPhone or iPad (or any iOS device, really), the solution is right here, right now. And in a few minutes you’ll have the app installed and ready to play all day, all night, at school, on the bus, while traveling in an Uber, going to church, or just about anywhere else you happen to spend your time.

To download and play Pokemon Go on your iPhone outside of the USA (South Africa, Australia, Europe, Asia), simply:

1. Browse the Jerry Cards online store and choose a USA iTunes gift card amount you’d like to buy
2. Purchase the virtual Apple gift card (a scan of a real iTunes gift card) and receive your iTunes Store code by email INSTANTLY
3. Change your iTunes region to the USA (Open Settings, go to ‘iTunes & App Stores’, select your Apple ID, enter your password, and choose ‘country/region’ before selecting ‘usa’)
4. Redeem the code in your phone’s iTunes Store to add your purchased voucher to your balance
5. Download Pokemon Go and GO CRAZY like the rest of humanity


P.S. If you need a decent primer on WTF all this Pokemon Go stuff is actually about, and how to start playing once you’ve downloaded the app from the US iTunes store, find out more.

DayCost is an app you can’t afford to be without

We all struggle to keep a track of our spending and get quite a shock when our money runs out before the next payday. This is exactly why the DayCost app is a potential lifesaver. It lets you easily insert your income and then keep a track of your expenses on a daily basis, making sure you’re always on top of what you’re spending and what you have left.

Day cost

Your expenses can be added daily by category (for example, clothing, groceries or medical) and you can add and save photos of your expense slips so that these can be used for your accounting at the end of the month. The app supports more than 160 kinds of currency, with embedded conversion exchange rates, which are automatically updated.

day cost 2

To make things even easier to understand, DayCost also has graphical reports that allow you to view your costs on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Another great feature is that all of these can be saved and restored to iCloud or Dropbox, with a passcode that cannot be viewed by anyone else.

The look and feel of the app is beautiful, simple and very user friendly. I wish I had this when I was younger – it is such an easy way to keep track of your spending and is a must have instead of a want to have. Even better, it’s totally free to download right now, which means that the only thing you’ll need to pay is attention. And if it can keep your balance in the black by helping you keep an eye on the bottom line, it’s worth investing a few minutes in, don’t you think?

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Frighteningly Good Puzzle Game To Play On Halloween

Just in time for you to enjoy over the Halloween holidays, Pokaboo comes to the small screen to deliver a haunting little puzzle game that will scare off any lingering boredom with loads of tricks and a stash of treats.

Pokaboo 2

The aim of the game is to match colour blocks – a simple objective that gets far more complicated as you progress through the 100 levels (with more to come). Beautiful colours and visuals thrill the eye and keep you coming back for more sweet candy. You’re also able to play this game one-handed or two-handed, whichever suits you. As good ol’ Count Drac used to say, “I’m ambidextrous – I bite necks left, right and centre!”

Pokaboo 3

Before you go playing Pokaboo in the middle of the night, you may want to leave the lights on to survive its ghoulish background music and creepy atmosphere, or risk letting your imagination run in the wrong direction when witching hour arrives!

At just $2.99, it’s a wicked steal.

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Pocket Solitaire Is Everyone’s Favourite Card Game App

P Solitaire

So who doesn’t still love playing the old card game favourite, Solitaire, and spent hours playing it – over, and over, and over again? Remember when it was the only game that was on the old Windows PCs?

Well now there’s a way to play wherever you are, whenever you like, with the Pocket Solitaire mobile app available for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch (for iOS 5 or better). Pocket solitaire comes with normal games that are all solvable or random games that may not be solvable (the tough ones are always better when you win them!). The app also keeps records of all your games and lets you change the card backs and the background.

Just $0.99 – worth every cent for the nostalgia alone!

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Typorama iOS App Creates Beautiful Quotes


Typorama instantly transforms your quotes into beautiful text graphics that are perfect for posting on your favourite social network or social media account. Typorama can be used in any number of ways, with a change of background pictures, fonts, buttons and ribbons.

Use Typorama to:

  • Make beautiful typographic text layouts
  • Create Instagram, Facebook, Twitter posts with stylish text designs
  • Create flyers and posters for your events or business
  • Make headers for your blog
  • Enrich your family photos adding creative text styles and share your love

All this for just $1.99. Available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

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Tap Into Your Inner Genius With Brainsparker

Brainsparker 2

Brainsparker is a fun new free app for the iPhone and is a great way to release the genius in you by prompting you with new ideas and ways of thinking. The VIP version is free and comes with 200 free prompt cards.


Just shake your phone to get random prompts from disruptive thinking to solving problems to sparking new ideas, an instant box of endless ideas in one easy-to-use app. The app will also be available for the Apple Watch.

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KaleidaCam iOS App Has Just Gone Free In The App Store


KaleidaCam is a great, fun iOS app that will give you hours of wonder and joy. Just point your device’s camera at any subject and you’ll be amazed at the beautiful kaleidoscope images this app will create on your iPhone or iPad.

You can choose from 4 different kaleidoscope styles, and load and share your images too. This app is too much fun and is definitely a keeper. Get it now!

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HashPhotos App Free For A Limited Time

Have too many photos on your iPhone or iPad? Then you really need #Photos (HashPhotos) to manage your photos and videos for you.

Create your own media albums by category (like family, holiday, action, flowers, birds or animals) or date. You can select all or deselect all in the settings and many more brilliant abilities such as tag a photo, note on a photo or even check the metadata on the photo.

If you always end up keeping photos forever until you need one and then spend ages trying to find that one photo, then you’ll really benefit from downloading this app!

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Hearthstone now available for iPhone And Android


The long awaited, most loved card game Hearthstone is now available for iPhone (4S and up) and Android phones (4 or better) in the App Store and Google Play Store.

This card combat, super strategy game has a free to play approach and is filled with stunning visuals, rich characters and a simple but addictive playability for ages from 12 to forever.

As with previous versions, players’ card collections will remain tied to their Battle.net account, so you’ll be able to share progress between the Windows PC, Mac, tablet and mobile versions of the game.

Download the app now and earn a free pack after you’ve played your first game. As if you needed another reason to download this gem?

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