Podcast App Overcast Updates And Adds Apple Watch Support


The popular iOS podcast app, Overcast, has just updated their iPhone and iPad app with the following features:

  • Support for disabling automatic deletion of played episodes
  • Sharing podcast episodes at specific timestamps
  • Bulk editing of settings for new episode notifications
  • Unlistened episode limits
  • Cancel and Start buttons on the Downloads screen
  • It lets you hold down the 30-second skip buttons to go back or forward to the previous or next podcast

Apart from these updates, the latest version of the Overcast app also offers support for Apple Watch, which is due for shipping on the 24th April 2015.

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Jazz Radio iOS App Gone Free

jazz radio

The Jazz Radio+ 2.3 iOS app has just gone free, with 85 radio stations to choose from. If you are a jazz music fan then this app is a must for you!

Some of your choices are:

  • Vocal Jazz
  • Instrumental Jazz
  • Specialty Jazz
  • World Jazz
  • Chill Jazz
  • Smooth Jazz
  • Various Mix

So many choices across 85 channels gives you non-stop music pleasure forever. Go grab the app now while it’s still free!

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Mahjong Solitaire Jogatina HD Free To Play


Mahjong has to be my favourite game of all time, and it’s now available for free on the Apple App Store for your iPhone or iPad. This game will give you hours of fun without any time limits.

100 boards are available to play off the bat or you can use the Board Editor to create your own, over and over again.

Highly recommended, but then I am slightly biased of course :)

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Card Crawl Is A Super Addictive iOS Solitaire Game

Card Crawl is a single player card game that reminds me a lot of Magic the Gathering crossed with Hearthstone. The games are quick but so addictive!

Played with a deck of 54 cards that have brilliant hand-drawn artwork depicting monsters and skills.

The game is set in a pub and you sit across from your opponent, and sounds of beer being poured or a beer mug being set down add to the atmosphere. Your job is to clear all the dealt cards ensuring that you have at least one health point left at the end of the game. It’s a lot harder than it sounds!

Quick to play, quirky artwork, great sound and visuals, addictive as anything … what more could you wish for in an iPhone or iPad game? And it only costs $1.99. Download Card Crawl on the App Store now!

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Free Games In The App Store Right Now

Looking for some free iOS games to keep you busy on your iPhone or iPad?

Have we got good news for you!

Candy Crush Soda Saga

The sequel to the world’s most popular mobile game is here – and it’s just as addictive. And Sodalicious too!

Candy Crush Soda Saga is built on the original match three formula we all love, where you swap candies and bottles to release purple soda to save the Candy Bears with. There are even more combinations of candies to create this time around, and over 140 levels to work through.

You know you want it, don’t you? Who could resist Candy Crush … again?

Mystery of the Ancients

An enticing hidden object adventure game that’ll keep you hooked for hours.

Travel to the remote island town of Black Water to find out what happened to two archeologists who have mysteriously disappeared. Enter a mythical monster and encounter the cursed secrets that lie below. Scary – and fun!

Free for a limited time only, so go download the game quick!

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The Trace. A Brand New Murder Mystery Puzzle Game For iOS!

The Trace is a murder mystery puzzle game with realistic characters for your favourite iOS device. Collect evidence, find leads, look into the forensics and become the true detective.

Reconstruct the crime scene in 3D environments all while listening to captivating music.

This one will keep you spellbound from the beginning, so go get it on the App Store now!

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Periscope Update Now Available

Within days of Periscope launching their livestreaming video app for iPhone and iPad, they have already released an upgrade that promises to fix some of the bugs, while also making it easier to follow people by putting their broadcasts at the top of your list. They have also made it easier to hide your location from followers as you can now choose not to show your location.

If you are using Periscope, download this update as soon as possible. It’s a game change.

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Paid apps go free for Easter weekend

Hold onto your phones, because we’ve got some great news!

Here are three brilliant apps that are free to download in the iTunes App Store today. It’s like a giant Easter egg surprise!

Orbitum – 4.5 star rating, one-button arcade game. Can you say addictive?

Xsky – An app that lets you gaze at the stars. Fun for the whole family!

Monster Math – A fun iOS game to help kids improve their maths skills.

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